Saturday, October 24, 2009

Chevrolet Cobalt First Impression

My Sonata was rear ended and now being repaired. Rental company gave me a Cobalt due to absence of larger cars.

I did not like this car from the moment I drove it off the parking lot. One must be really desperate to purchase this thing. My car had about 25K miles on it but it felt like it was driven 250K. My old Toyota Corolla after 11 years made less sounds than this car. It felt like the car is going to disintegrate any second. Any time you get over a small bump front end made all kinds of clunking sounds.

Car has enough power to get you places but it is very noisy on the freeway even at speeds below 60 miles/hr. Controls over all placed OK except for radio, which is way too low. Clock is on the radio so to look at it you must take away your eyes off the road. Seats are comfortable enough.

Over all in my opinion it is a terrible car. I drove it for four days and I would not buy one unless I have no other choice.

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