Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Philips DVP-5992

This is our third Philips DVD player and it is the best so far. It played anything we would throw at it and all with excellent quality. There are very few scaling artifacts when scaling DIVX to D1 resolution. It creates smooth picture with perfect edges, not blurry at all. I have not complaints about picture quality but I have not tried hooking it up to HD tv since I don't have one.

Menu system is intuitive enough and easy to navigate. Player supports disabling region code using remote control so it can play DVDs from Europe or Japan.

Remote control is very nice. It has a nice weight to it and it also looks good. Ergonomics are very good and you can easy operate it in the dark.

By far the best feature is USB2.0 support. Now you can just put your movies on USB Flash Drive or USB Hard Disk (formatted with Fat32) and play them directly from that media. No more wasting recordable DVDs to preview movie you just made. It plays flawlessly without any hiccups.

Of course this player is not without shortcomings. The biggest one is not supporting long file names. Even if it supports them it does not display them. To work around this problem I add a number in front of the video file so you can see which file it is.

Also player locks up on certain movies. The lock up is bad to the point that you have to disconnect power to get control of the player back. It only does it with certain DIVX videos but still. I hope Phillips releases new firmware to remedy this problem.
Startup time is also not too stellar. It takes a long time to read dvd and until it recognizes the disk USB is useless. I wish it could remember the last media it played from and came back to that media on power on.

Other than these shortcomings Philips made nearly perfect DVD player. It looks good and works good and it is cheap to boot. What else would you want?


Anonymous said...


I have one of these in my garage

six years, huh?

Anonymous said...

The player doesn't care for "Trellis".