Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cabin air filter service rip off...

I recently got a mailing from a Toyota dealer with various "specials". One of the specials was "cabin air filter replacement" for $59.95. Being a DYI person I got curious how much the real thing cost and how hard it is to replace it.

Two days and two trips to Kragen Autoparts later I had a filter in my hand. It is a simple filter without any frame, similar to your air furnace filter. My next stop was at my computer in search for instructions. There are numerous instructional videos on Youtube and many other places. Procedure seemed simple with only one screw involved. Armed with the screwdriver I opened my glove box only to find that the screw was replaced with a simple compression lock which can be opened with just your fingers. Literally 4 minutes later I was done, including putting things back in to the glove box. What was the final bill, you may ask? Less than $16.50 including tax.

The bottom line is that Toyota dealers are ripping the public off charging $59.95 for that service. It should cost no more than $30 including the filter since it is only 4 minutes job. I would say if you doing any other service, labor for this should be free since they will rip you off on the actual part.

If you have a Toyota car with a cabin air filter you should just do replacement yourself. You will save time, money and learn something in the process.

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