Sunday, May 5, 2013

Logitech G400s mouse

In my previous post I complimented Logitech customer service and now I wanted to give my opinion on the new mouse they sent me.

My old mouse is G400 as far as I can tell. It is dark grey with black bottom and has a Logitech logo on top. The new mouse is G400s and has a large G in place of Logitech logo. It is also different color - dark blue with the black stripes and silver markings. The buttons are same size and in the same positions. The weight of the new mouse is the same as the old one although I did not measure it precisely.
One thing that did change is the mouse cable. Old mouse had thin and very hard cable. There was no issues with it, it just was different from the older mice that I had. The new mouse has same thin cable but it is not as hard. It is more pliable and softer on touch. They also added grommet on the mouse end of the cable which should help this cable to last longer.

Sensitivity and button presses feel exactly the same. Wheel rotation feels "clicker" on the new mouse. In use this mouse feels identical to my original G400 and performs identically.

I still like G400 a lot and would recommend it for gaming and everyday use. I really like sensitivity adjustment buttons which do not require any special drivers. The mouse performs flawlessly on my cheap mouse pad and does not jerk or skip. No matter how fast I move it, it tracks really well.

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