Sunday, May 5, 2013

Excellent customer service from Logitech

My older Logitech MX300 mouse finally gave up to ghost and after some research I purchased Logitech G400 to replace it. I like G400 a lot. It has a nice weight and comfortable to use. The only downside of this mouse in my case that it is right handed and I prefer ambidextrous mice. This mouse served me for over a year really well but developed very annoying squeak when pressing the wheel down.  Ordinary mouse can be opened and cleaned but G400 is sealed. The screws are located under the gliding pads, which are glued shut to the body. In theory the pads can be pried away to access the screws but I did not want to ruin the mouse.

I contacted Logitech tech support in hopes of getting some tips on cleaning this mouse. Few emails later they send me a brand new G400. I was pleasantly surprised to say the least. It is unusual to see a company being so forthcoming in replacing their products. I used Logitech products before as their mice are very good and reliable. Now they got a devoted customer. Knowing that they stand behind their products makes me confident that they are interested in maintaining quality. I can not imaging that their business model would be selling a bad product and then replacing it for free.

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