Sunday, February 3, 2013

Why Samsung Galaxy Player is better than iPod

I have been using my Galaxy Player 4.2 for a while now and definitely find it much better than iPod touch in many areas. In fact I did not find one area in which Galaxy would be equal or worse. I speak from experience of owning iPod touch for number of years. So here is why Galaxy Player is better.

Absence of iTunes! iTunes is a useless monstrosity which installs useless QuickTime and other Apple crap which makes your computer slow. I was told that on Mac iTunes work better. I do not have a Mac but on Windows iTunes is an abomination. Yet you must have it if you are going to backup your device and your content. With Galaxy you can just plug it in and use mass storage driver to access all of the content and apps. You can copy to and from the device just like you would with a flash drive.

With Google Play you can download apps from the store and save them on your PC. Later you can install these apps from SD card. There are also apps on the Android itself that would allow you to backup and restore your applications and data. With iPod and without iTunes you are toasted if Apple overwrites your app with non working version and you did not make a backup.

You can add Micro SD card to your player and expand its capacity cheaply. With iPod you can only go with what you originally purchased. I currently have 8GB card in the player making total memory to be 16GB. The card is used to store movies and larger games. If I run out of space, I can upgrade it easy. And it only cost me $6.

Larger screen is a big improvement over iPod. Although latest iPod has higher resolution screen than my Galaxy, the size of Galaxy screen is much larger. I can not see the individual pixels on ether device and both look similar. I compared this player with iPhone 4S and 5 and I have not found one person who could point out any difference. The Samsung phones with larger and higher resolution screens beat iPhone's screen to the punch.

Replaceable battery is a big thing for me. I replaced my iPod battery one time and it is not an easy task even for a DIY person like me. To replace battery in the Galaxy, you just open the back, replace battery and close the back. That is it. You can do it within 5 minutes.

There is NO good book reading application on iPod. Probably the best that I found was Megareader. But even this app does not render some epub files correctly. All other readers do not work well at all on the small screen. FBReader on Android is much better application and there are several just as good - Aldiko or Cool Reader for example.

Standard USB connector is a plus for me. Now I only need to take one charger for the phone and the player. I do not use a smart phone since I value the two weeks battery life that my regular phone provides. I had to carry a separate cable for iPod and a charger for the phone. Not anymore.

I do not have to convert videos to mp4 to play on the Galaxy. It plays pretty much any format that is popular with resolution up to 1080p. iPod only supports mp4 files and resolutions are limited.

The only thing where iPod is better than the Galaxy player is the amount of accessories available. But the Player is by far less popular that iPod. If you compare more popular Samsung smart phone against Apple iPhone the shortage of cases is not a problem at all.

In the end I am very happy with the Galaxy Player and I hope this post will help someone to choose a better device.

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