Sunday, November 18, 2012

TPU Case for Galaxy 4.2

The Galaxy Player 4.2 cases are not as numerous as cases for iPod, to put it mildly. Finding a case for the player is a bit of a task. I purchased a black TPU case from eBay since nothing I wanted was available. I wanted to write a little description of this case so people looking for a case would have some point of reference.

I would like to get a soft silicon case, just like I have for iPod. The silicon case provides good protection for the device without adding too much of a bulk. Most importantly silicon case protects the device from breaking if it falls on a hard surface because of the relatively thick rubber around the device.

The TPU case is not the same quality as the silicon case that I have. It is not a bad quality case just not in the same league. The case is part shiny, part mate. Most of it is mate. The sides have nice roll-on texture providing for secure grip. The back has cut out for the camera, left side has a cut out for the strap and the bottom has two cut outs - headphones and USB connector. The cut outs are not 100% accurate. Some more accurate some less. The USB is the least accurate of all and the case prevents USB connector from fitting securely in to the hole. This is my biggest gripe with this case.

The case fits snugly over the device and does not add much to the dimensions. It protects device well from scratches and minor drops. The speaker grills are exposed and can be damaged so one needs to be careful when the device is in this case. The glass is mostly unprotected as the ridge in the front of the case is not very high.

The TPU case is easy to put on and take off but will not come off by itself. It is scratch resistant and looks good on the device. It is very inexpensive and provides good value for the money. I personally would prefer a different case but this is OK case to buy and I would recommend it in the absence of better alternatives.

Update after some use.

After using this case for a month or so, it stretched a little bit and now  it is easier to insert and remove the player. The case protected player well and the only inconvenience is that the include USB cable does not fit with the case on. I have to take out the bottom of the player from the case to securely insert the cable.

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