Friday, November 16, 2012

Samsung Galaxy 4.2 after a month of use

I am still very happy with my new Galaxy 4.2 player. It is much more pleasant to use than iPod touch and functionality is great.

The player is excellent as an alarm clock during travel. The speakers are very loud and unlike iPod it never locked up during the month while trying to sound alarm. I only wish to be able to select one of the World times as primary when traveling. When I move about the airports it would be useful.

The video playback is excellent and the battery seems to last a long time. I played over an hour of video and the player used only 5% of the battery. I know it is not linear but there is enough battery for a cross country trip on the plane.

Wifi seems to use battery more aggressively but it is not a problem for me since I do not browse web on this device. GrooveIP works really well and I could make calls without any problems. I had a problem with Cisco Webex calls but that is about it.

Book reading is great. The FBReader is way better app than anything on iPod. Combine this with bigger and more readable screen and you got a winner. Galaxy Note probably is a better reader but it is much bigger so portability looses.

For $5 I doubled the flash by installing 8GB card and now I have enough storage to keep more hours of video than I can watch on a single charge. I used class 4 Patriot flash and it works fine for streaming videos.

I also used camera to snap images of a document when copier was not available. This worked very well and images are readable and usable. For this exercise I used fluorescent light and was most concerned with images being readable. For this purpose device works very well. I am sure that the camera is far from the SLR quality but it meets my expectations.

Performance has not been any issue so far in any of my use cases. I am very happy with my purchase and would definitely recommend this player vs iPod touch. I finally removed the pile of junk that is iTunes from my computer.

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