Sunday, October 2, 2011

PowerColor Radeon 6850

I got PowerColor Radeon 6850 to replace my aging EVGA-8800GT. I run a lot of benchmarks with that card and my conclusion is not very favorable. The card works only slightly better than the old 8800GT. People report huge improvements with this card, but I did not get any of it. There is an improvement but it is not that great and mostly at higher resolutions. At lower resolutions the 6850 performs worse than the 8800!? Maybe it is my system but I am not at all happy with the result. I will keep this card for a year or so and then will probably upgrade it.

One advantage the new card has is that it consumes less power when running in plain windows and not doing anything 3D. It also allows computer to go in to low power standby. Previous card had trouble shutting down completely.

After using this card for a few days, I would say it is more or less OK. I would not consider it a bargain but since I already paid for it, I would use it until something better comes along.
It plays Crysis 2 and Battlefield Bad Company 2 well enough.

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