Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Nissan Cube is a bad car

I got this car as a rental during my week long business trip. I was somewhat excited to drive it because the styling is funky and I like hatchbacks. As I got more familiar with the car my opinion slowly deteriorated and eventually reached the low point. I would not recommend this car to anyone.
I will start with the good things. This car full of gadgets - voice activated radio with cellphone synchronization. Car comes with key-less entry and a lot of cup/bottle holders. I counted 7 total, but maybe there was more. There is a lot of headroom but I doubt that the tall person can use it.

Now for the bad things. The ergonomics of this car are terrible. I am not a short person but not a tall one ether. From the driver seat I could not reach pretty much anything in this car. I could not reach radio, dashboard, parking break, mirror, light switches in the front. I barely could reach steering wheel because it only adjusts up and down. The seat is utterly uncomfortable, there is no lumbar support at all, and that should be present given that the seating position is mostly vertical. Trunk space is tiny, I doubt that large piece of luggage will fit in trunk. I guess if the back seats are dropped you can fit pretty large piece in the back. The back door is large and can accommodate large TV or probably a twin mattress. The gas mileage is pretty bad for the car with such a small engine. The indicator in the car showed that I was averaging 29MPG. I guess this is because of the car's boxy form.
The materials inside are cheap as pretty much expected for the car in this price range. The interesting thing that with all the gadgets presents, the simplest features are missing. There is no automatic light turn shut off which should be present at any price range in this point of time.
I honestly cant tell who Nissan was targeting with this car and I honestly wonder how many did they sell.
I would not recommend this car even as a rental because of uncomfortable seats.

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