Saturday, August 3, 2013

HuluPlus vs Netflix on Roku

HuluPlus advertizements recently got out of hand completely. When I first subscribed to HuluPlus there was one ad per break and it was 15 to 30 seconds. Now there are two to tree ads 30 seconds each. This is completely unacceptable for the paid service that shows mostly major networks content which is available for free over the air or online.
So I ditched Hulu and went with Netflix. I found Netflix to have better selection of streaming content although a lot of content only available on DVD.

Hulu has custom interface that became horrible after upgrade. It is extremely slow, unintuitive and often causes Roku to reboot. Netflix on the other hand has interface built using Roku widgets and while it looks outdated, it is very functional and fast. For example fast forwarding on Hulu only shows one thumbnail and it is hard to estimate where in the movie you are because the thumbnail does not update adequately. On Neflix several thumbnails are shown and navigating works very well.

Hulu seems to be pedaling some specific content with large banners. I wish they put as much effort in to making interface functional as they put in to preventing users to skip their ads. For the type content that I watch, I found Netflix to have better selection, more modern movies, more BBC shows, more and better kids programming. Netflix has a lot of Disney programming which Hulu lacks. Hulu instead has some Nicolodeon shows which are completely stupid. My kid seems to like Netflix selection much better.

If you put off by ads and do not care for current reality shows, Netflix is the way to go.

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Anonymous said...

I choose neither.

While I do pay netflix monthly I don't bother frustrating myself with what they deem is 'hd bitrate' or "quality".

Instead: ethical usenet

nas: zfs & NFS

front end: xbmc

zero ads + actual quality (bitrate and non-rapey compression)