Friday, June 29, 2012

Inkjet change of mind

All of the good things I said about that HP printer? Well, I take them all back. I honestly do not know how people live with inkjets. I own a Brother laser printer and before that I had Oki. Nether one gave me so much grief  or was so high maintenance as this HP!
We print very little in our house. The older generation is out of school and the younger does not print that much yet. This causes constant ink problems with this printer! I can turn off laser printer for a year and after I turn in on, it will print perfectly. If I turn off inkjet for a year chances are that I would not be able to print when I turn it back on. The ink will dry out and/or the head will clog. It happened several times already and I am getting annoyed.
I  had to unclog head again recently and it cost me two refills and hours of time. The ink runs out in the worst possible moment, just when I need to print something.
To say something good about this printer - the scanner still works OK. That is the extent of the good things.
I would not recommend inkjet at all, unless you have to print in color all the time. After my supply of ink runs out I am selling this junk and getting myself a new laser all in one!

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