Monday, September 19, 2011

Photos on Officejet 6500

After I refilled ink in the HP Officejet 6500 I started to wonder how would photos come out when printed on this printer. The ink being not a problem anymore it was worth giving photos a try. I run out to the nearest store and got a cheapest HP paper I could get - HP Everyday Photo Paper. It runs just under $10 for a pack, still expensive comparing to Costco prints, but it was the cheapest paper in the store.

First 4 photos I tried to print from Picasa. They came out a bit dark and with a strong green tint. I was somewhat disappointed and started looking for a printer calibration software. Not finding anything free and simple, another idea downed on me. What if I print directly from the printers memory card slot? I found a nice picture still on a memory card with a lot of colors and blue skies. The printing procedure on this printer is a bit cumbersome. The menu system is not very intuitive and a bit awkward to navigate. At the end it was not so bad and I manged to print that picture. It came out very good! Colors are accurate and bright. Photo itself is very reasonable for a quick print. I have re printed another picture just to make sure green tint was gone, and it was! So I guess if the software does not give the desired results, there is always a memory card slot.

I think this printer is very usable for printing photos and refill ink is great! Not worse than the original HP ink.

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